Brilliance is not typical, so we dig deep to uncover it

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Australia has a healthy and growing startup ecosystem which is overflowing with opportunities and ideas.

But there's a shortage of seed-focused investment and real operational support for companies at this critical stage.

That's why we exist.

We're thematic investors on the lookout for market-shaking, ambitious products that can change the world.

We believe to transform the industries of today we need to invest in the people creating the products of tomorrow

Early-stage businesses face unique challenges.

That's why the Tidal Team offers more than money.

We dig deep to help our founders find their footing.

We bring operational and business expertise to help you with critical firsts - like hiring, product strategy, market readiness and more.

We'll stay up late with you to sweat the code, get up the next day to strategise expansion, and shepherd you back on track when needed.

We're there for the big steers and the small manoeuvres, to help you find your own footing to grow.

#ten - Tidal's community of experts who are right there with you

When our founders have questions, we don’t always have the answers. But we definitely know someone who does. That’s why we created the Tidal Expert Network #ten. 

Our global network of technology founders and executives have been in the trenches. Their expertise extends beyond borders, business cycles, company stages, and business functions.

We want our founders to access the right knowledge to grow their business. Our community of like-minded and highly experienced people have done it before, and are ready to support.

Joining #ten

When you’re part of #ten, you’re part of a community supporting highly engaged, driven, early-stage companies. As an investor - whether through money, time or expertise - you’ll join like-minded partners in supporting the next generation of technology success stories. Contact us to find out more.

In good company

#ten brings together founders and executives around the world, with divese experiences and functional capabilities, and hard-won learnings from some of the world's best companies. Our community is united by a desire to give back to the tech sector, connect, and share expertise. Reach out to get involved.

Resources for founders

Detailed strategic, product and go-to-market guidance for founders. Including playbooks and other practical resources.

The Seed Phase

Why we believe Seed is a 'phase', and how to set strong foundations for achieving milestones through the Seed phase and beyond.

The Art of the Demo

Demos should be considered an essential craft that founders and leaders hone as it has the power to influence many high impact moments. Rather than go through the motions, build a demo muscle that is part of the cultural identity of your company.

The Connected Roadmap

Most roadmaps fail because they are trying to do too much for too many people. Chances are your roadmap is either too in the weeds to communicate with management, or too macro that your scrum team can't fully engage to deliver tangible value to the user.

Our values guide every decision and define every relationship

We are on a mission to be the premier seed fund in Australia & New Zealand by empowering and investing in outstanding founders who shape the future of industries.

Conviction is our currency

A clear view of a market and its dynamics can truly create the future. We cultivate themes to match market, team, model, and opportunity.

Invest in growing, together

Learning requires an open mindset. Candid feedback requires personal care. Sharing our truths helps us learn and grow as a team.

Own your outcomes

Autonomy requires accountability and adapting quickly. We support conviction over consensus and guide each other's actions.

Think like a founder

Founders balance customer focus with strong execution. We are bold, scrappy, yet measured in how we build and refine.

United in diversity

Our competency begins with first principles. Our unique perspectives end with optimal outcomes.