Brilliance is not typical, so we dig deep to uncover it

We’re thematic investors on the lookout for market-shaking, ambitious products that can change the world.

We look for companies who fit this profile

Markets with tailwinds

Your chosen market is ripe for disruption. Technology adoption and changing behaviours have uncovered a clear problem and a compelling value-creation opportunity.

Game-changing products

Your product is not incremental—it is truly disruptive. This usually means it is mission-critical and so sticky that customers love it and can't live without it.

Founders that hustle

You’re a determined, insightful founder with the energy to scale and the grit to persevere. You know the value of having the right team with you and can attract top talent.

Compelling business model

The value proposition of your product is clear and demonstrable. You know how to draw new customers at a low cost and without much sales effort.

Seed phase ready

You’re facing the challenges of the seed phase, and it’s time to go bigger. You’re ready for early investment and need someone who can prepare you for Series A.

Global appeal

The problem you are solving is universal, and your solution applies everywhere. You’re on the pathway towards a global launch.

Our investment approach

It's never too early to contact us, even if you’re not sure you’re ready. We like to get to know founders before we invest.

The Seed Phase is where we specialise. We invest with conviction early, often as your first institutional investor.

We’d look to invest $250K to up to $5M over the course of your seed phase.

Our investment process is transparent. We will get back to you quickly with honest feedback.

We study future trends and develop themes to build conviction around your vision and potential.

It’s our preference to lead funding rounds, but we are also willing to co-invest.

Offering more than money, we invest time and resources to create a sustainable advantage.

We are long-term partners with the capacity to double down in later investment rounds.

We're different because of the way we work with our founders

We go deep. As insiders, we don’t just provide money and advice, we support our founders directly and operationally.

How to get funded

No massive slide decks!

We’re not after a huge slide deck or detailed business roadmap. Try to condense it to less than 15 slides and deliver a captivating story of your idea and where you see it going.

Be clear and confident

We’re interested in who you are as founders, the strength of your product story, your ambitions and vision, the gaps, the opportunities, and why you think you’ve got an idea that can make waves.

Make sure you check us out too

Accepting investments is a big deal and a multi-year commitment. If you have questions, please ask. We can connect you with our founders to learn first-hand what it’s like having us in your corner.

If we vibe, we'll be in touch about next steps.