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Australia has a healthy and growing startup ecosystem which is overflowing with opportunities and ideas.

But there's a shortage of seed-focused investment and real operational support for companies at this critical stage.

That's why we exist. To supply real advice and tangible support, along with the dollars.

We believe to transform the industries of today we need to invest in the people creating the products of tomorrow

We invest with intent and nurture every seed

It’s not our style to spread the money around to see who gives us the quickest return. We go deep, not broad, making fewer than 10 new investments per year. This lets us put real support behind our investments and give more time to helping our founders succeed.

We’re diligent and strong in our convictions. If we invest, it means we’ve got full confidence in your ability to grow and scale. That’s why we’re not afraid to lead investment rounds, publish investment notes and show off our founders to the world.

We make selective, strategic investments that match our expertise in B2B software, product-led growth and go-to-market strategy. We put our money and energy where we can add the most value.

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In your corner from the start

The Tidal team offer a lot more than money.

We bring operational and business expertise to help you with critical firsts - like hiring, product strategy, market readiness and more.

We understand your growing pains and can help with your unique challenges. We'll stay up late with you to sweat the code, get up the next day to strategise expansion, and shepherd you back on track when needed.

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A world of wisdom at your fingertips

We believe in the power of community, which is why we’ve created the Tidal Expert Network #ten to support our founders and build capability.

#ten is our global network of expert technology leaders and executives who have founded and scaled some of the best tech businesses in the world, and been through it all before.

Tidal founders can access #ten for the big steers and the small manoeuvres.

Our founders say we’re different

It’s easy for us to say that we dig deep to help our founders, but we’d rather let them tell you.

As active partners, we check in with our founders regularly to make sure they are getting what they need. Our latest anonymous NPS score was 80 and if that’s not proof enough, here’s their comments.




Resources for founders

Detailed strategic, product and go-to-market guidance for founders. Including playbooks and other practical resources.

The Seed Phase

Why we believe Seed is a 'phase', and how to set strong foundations for achieving milestones through the Seed phase and beyond.

The Art of the Demo

Demos should be considered an essential craft that founders and leaders hone as it has the power to influence many high impact moments. Rather than go through the motions, build a demo muscle that is part of the cultural identity of your company.

The Connected Roadmap

Most roadmaps fail because they are trying to do too much for too many people. Chances are your roadmap is either too in the weeds to communicate with management, or too macro that your scrum team can't fully engage to deliver tangible value to the user.

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We love the startup and tech community

We couldn’t do what we do without a supportive startup ecosystem around us. VC culture is about leading from behind and shepherding other people’s success.

This community gives a lot to us and we like to give back. That’s why we are:

· Members and active contributors to the Tech Council of Australia
· Signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment